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What is ADSL?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is technology for internet access using copper telephone lines to send and receive data for internet use, while allowing users to use the phone at the same time. It’s much faster than historic dial up modems, but has recently been surpassed by other broadband technologies such as Fibre Optic, LTE and satellite internet.

In general, it is generally well-suited for moderate gaming, computer-aided design, streaming multimedia, and downloading files, though typically max speeds are at 10 Mbps (compared to 100+ Mbps found using fibre).

Your internet speed is very much determined by your Internet Service Provider, location and amount of people using the service. Should you want to improve on your current internet, please fill in the quotation form below and our providers will see what they can do for you.

Internet technology has improved dramatically in South Africa and now is the time to reinvestigate your options if you are unhappy with your existing internet or VoIP solution.

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